Mapping Solutions

We have a software team with a unique quality of understanding mapping applications and user needs. Over the years, we have been involved in executing challenging web mapping & map based mobile application. Instead of just coding your idea into a web or mobile app, we work with you to define well optimized solutions in terms of architecture, platform, execution in realistic costs.

Our core development focus for mapping solutions is around Open Source Projects using LAMP platform with OpenLayers, Leaflet, Raster & Vector maps using HTML5, Javascript libraries. This allows cost effective solutions with a large community based support and faster go live path.

Web & Mobile Map Application

Some key web mapping solutions integrations by our team:

Custom Mapping from MapSherpa

MapSherpa marketplace has one of the largest collection of maps from publishers across the globe that can be customized and ordered by the end customers. NextByte Technologies has developed an eCommerce integration on top of MapSherpa Marketplace that enables the maps to be integrated in another online stores. Customers of your online map shop get a seamless access to all of these maps as well and can order them directly with your map website.

Map Based Product Locator

A unique search platform for online map stores bringing in spatial search for customers to search and buy products based on the geographical area covered on the map. For any keyword search on the site, the search results bring up a map with boundary boxes for all the products for that keyword. Customers can make their choice more easily seeing the geographical area covered by the map they intend to buy. This is a very helpful tool and has increases conversion special for topographic maps, city maps, postcode maps etc.

Custom Mapping for Raster Maps

The tool helps online map stores to publish & sell their small scale raster maps with this interactive tool. The users can browse the maps in an interactive zoomable map, crop the area of their interest and order the map online with their custom title, orientations, size and finish.

Interactive Raster Maps with Search & POI popups

The application uses raster maps for cities while providing an interactive interface to the users. The application works seamlessly as part of a website or mobile app using tiled raster maps. The maps can be zoomed in and out, searched for point of interests, have multiple layers of POI data like hotels, restaurants, train stations etc that can be turned on and off. Users can see added information in text, photos, & video over each of the point of interest on the map. An interactive search helps to find the location of interest and zooms in to the result centered on the map with its icon. The backend enables an Admin to update POI information, images on the map and also generate similar maps for different cities/geographies.

Custom Maps with Radius

An ecommerce application helping customers select a location on a map, defining the radius area they need to be printed in their choice of size, orientation and personalized title. The tool works with Google & OpenStreetMaps for finding the location and the publisher uses their own cartography to print the final map. The users have the ability to choose the map  based on their zip code, city or simply dragging the pin to a point. The maps are then printed and shipped with their custom requirement.

Interactive Students’ Atlas

Interactive students maps for social studies curriculum in US using raster maps, interactive animations, text, audio and videos. The maps were originally available in Flash and were not very responsive and didn’t work on Macs, tablets and mobile device. The project involved migrating a large number of such maps & functionality to responsive application that worked seamlessly for desktops & handheld devices. The migration was done using Leaflet, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript working with raster maps. Maps are stored as tiled images and load similarly to vector based maps with full interactivity and data layers.

Crowd-sourced Campground Data

A mobile app & desktop application for campers to share campground & caravan park locations, facilities, their experiences, pictures and rankings. The application enabled users to add this data directly from their devices while on the site or help them curate this information from their desktops. Campers planning a holiday could search the site using a map tool and keyword search filtered with facilities like finding dog-friendly campgrounds, locations providing wheelchair access etc. The map based search also helped users to location campgrounds in the vicinity of their location along with their facilities and accessibility.

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