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NextByte Technologies, started in 2012, with an idea of bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions. As more and more businesses were transiting to web & mobile, we picked our core focus in eCommerce & mobile apps for mapping industry. Over the years, this helped us to grow and establish ourselves as a leading solution provider with best practices for mapping & retail industry.

We understand that an eCommerce website is not just a website but a true extension of your business on internet and mobile. Our team is well trained and coached regularly to understand special needs of a mapping business. Our web development process looks at overall aspects of your eCommerce solution, ensuring a smooth & growth oriented outcome.

We work with the idea of decoding business needs by offering simplified technology solutions. With fair amount of exposure to web, mapping, technology and online marketing, we strive hard to provide you with the best, always!

Mani Singh
Mani SinghCEO
With over 30 years of experience, Mani Singh is a skilled software and internet entrepreneur, specializing in website development and migration, legacy system integration, B2B e-commerce, ERP implementations, and search engine marketing. His expertise includes developing and maintaining mapping websites for businesses, leading complex website migration projects, and optimizing workflows. Mani’s collaborative approach has earned trust from clients globally, making him a valuable partner for businesses in the mapping community of all sizes.
Radhika Dubey
Radhika DubeyProject Manager - Web Mapping & GIS
Radhika is our go-to mapping expert. With over 18 years of experience in ArcGIS, MapBox, Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapServer, Google Maps, and OpenStreetMaps, she has the perfect solution for any mapping needs, including custom map solutions for eCommerce and Magento. As a gold medalist Computer Science engineer, she understands scales and projections and has worked with different technologies from .NET to LAMP and beyond.
Manish Jha
Manish JhaProject Lead - Project Deployments
Manish is our 17-year veteran of PHP, jQuery, Magento, WordPress, C#, Visual Basic, ASP, VB.net, Flex, Zend, Smarty, Caringorm, Asterisk, extjs, Leaflet, and OpenLayers. He leads our deployment team and is our nutcracker for all programming issues. His extensive experience with a variety of technologies and his leadership role get things deployed.
Vishul Malik
Vishul MalikProject Manager
Vishul makes the designs fly on all devices, browsers and operating systems. With an increasing demand for responsive design with minimum bandwidth utilization, he makes things tick with page load speeds kept under check.
Aakash Singh Chauhan
Aakash Singh ChauhanCode Crusader
Aakash is a seasoned PHP developer with expertise in building, testing, and documenting modules from scratch to deployment. He specializes in large database manipulation projects and has successfully delivered challenging projects. Aakash is highly skilled in PHP programming and has a knack for delivering high-quality results.
Vishal Kumar Singh
Vishal Kumar SinghTraffic Tamer
Vishal is our SEO prodigy who has been honing his skills from a young age. He has a natural talent for identifying opportunities for organic traffic growth and implementing effective SEO strategies for large-scale websites. His extensive knowledge of search fundamentals and experience handling high-traffic websites make him an invaluable addition to our core team.