Web & mobile eCommerce have become integral parts of any business’ sale strategy. Your eCommerce website need to be fully responsive, easy to navigate & fast. Customers expect a flawless finish, professional layout and an innovative design. They also expect to be able to find you on number of platforms, including their mobile devices.

Database structuring

Product categorization, images, redirections from old URLs ensuring smooth migration without losing your traffic.

Interface Design

Designing Site Navigation, templates pages for Home, Category, Product, Search, Shopping, Static pages and email auto responders.


Effective site search is key to product discovery on a website, our solutions offer keyword based as well as map based product search


Considering varied shipping options and product sizes that gets shipped in boxes, tubes & envelops, we have devised custom shipping module to cater to such special needs.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment options based on your business requirement can be configured.

Ongoing Product Updates

Critical to smooth functioning as product updates keep coming, we device a streamlined process to make this work with you live site.

Web Hosting

We offer advice on optimum hosting requirements and also manage this with a web hosting company to ensure smoother integration

Website Maintenance

Regular software updates, feature enhancement, bug monitoring & corrections and general website health monitoring are key to a successful website.

We understand that an eCommerce website is not just a website but it is a true extension of your business on internet and mobile. Our team is well  trained and coached regularly to understand special needs of a mapping business. Our web development process looks at overall aspects of your ecommerce solution, ensuring a smooth & growth oriented outcome.

Migrating Old Websites

We specialize in migrating existing websites to new mobile friendly, easy to navigate and update websites. As technology, SEO and internet as a whole has been constantly changing, it becomes imperative for websites to keep pace with these changes. NextByte Technologies has worked with some of the leading ecommerce websites in mapping industry to help move them successfully to new platform.

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    eCommerce Integrations

    • Custom & Personalized Maps

      Let your customers create their own maps centered on their choice of location, in different sizes, orientation & finishes your website offers.

    • Product Locator

      Map based product locator to spatially search map products based on their coverage area.

    • Quick Order Form

      B2B customers can place bulk orders on a single order form with SKUs, Titles & Quantities, great selling tool for B2B orders.

    • Group Sort Order

      Create custom product sorting in categories using drag and drop sorting in Magento Admin.

    • Shipping

      Custom shipping modules for maps with Tubes, frames or simply in envelops, estimated delivery time and costs based on your shipping carriers.

    • Import Module

      Define your own import rules to update product data on the eCommerce website for daily, weekly scheduled updates of product information.

    • Product database with Salesforce

      Syncs your Salesforce data with your Magento store for live updates from Salesforce feed.

    • Reseller Buy Now Button

      Publishers can use customized buy now button to redirect retail customers to their retail fulfilment partners from the shop pages.

    • Product Image Integration

      Pull in your product images directly from Dropbox or other sources to your eCommerce website and avoid multiple updates at multiple locations.

    • Varnish & Redis Cache

      Speed optimization of your websites through Varnish & Redi cache management modules integrated and configured with your server.

    • CDN Integration

      AWS Cloudfront integration of your eCommerce website for distributed content delivery to your global customers.

    • Integrations

      Most solutions for for Magento, Woocommerce, WordPress, Shopify solutions coming soon…

    For more information and specific solutions, please