Magento Live India 2017 – Getting to know Magento 2.2

Magento Live India was the launch event for bringing Magento to the Indian market. The team was here in full force and the one day event was packed with business & educational program. The event was held on May 2nd, 2017 at the Leela Palace Hotel, Bengaluru.

Two major takeaways from the one day event were the introduction to upcoming release of Magento 2.2 and Magento’s Partner program introduction to the Indian tech companies.

The day opened with an introduction by Mark Lenhard, SVP of Strategy & Growth, Magento Commerce followed by Mark Lavelle, CEO, Magento Commerce charting out Magento’s view of the Indian market. Anupam Pahuja, Managing Director, PayPal India gave a quick overview of the online payment scenario in the Indian market, aptly describing how the industry is following the policy in the country and scope for online transactions & ecommerce in India.

Jason Woosley, SVP, Product & Technology & Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering gave an overview of some key features Magento 2.2’s like:

  • Magento B2B Preview
    • B2B merchant accounts within Magento Admin
    • Generating & managing quotes for bulk orders for B2B clients
    • Ordering directly through SKUs or CSV uploads
    • Creating & managing lists for frequently ordered products
    • Payments on credit
  • Magento Business Intelligence – Integrated hosted solution with Magento & Google Analytics data, providing over 75 best practice reports and capability to create custom reports for your business needs. The service would be available as a paid subscription to all members.
  • Magento Shipping – Magento 2.2 would be available with a Temando integration bundled within Magento providing better shipping approach to merchants.

The event concluded with a promise to hold Magento 2018 in the coming future….