Magento Salesforce integrated solution for Waterford Press

A new addition to our Magento & Salesforce integration solution – The refurbished website was launched in January with a new design and new software platform. The new website is developed on Magento eCommerce platform & backend integration with Waterford Press’ Salesforce – ensuring that the website keeps updated with any changes to product information by the operations team.

Waterford Press is a Florida based publishing company owned by zoologist James & Jill Kavanagh. Their 25+ years of adventure travel, nature observation and writing have resulted in more than 500 publications on the flora and fauna of most of the world’s great ecotourism destinations and to the natural world around us. Over 5,000,000 copies sold and 20 years later, Waterford Press publishes the largest line of folding-format reference guides in the industry.

Some key features deployed

  • Magento Salesforce integration – A key component is the integration of Magento with Salesforce. All product related information is updated through Salesforce that populates backend database for Magento. Images, description, pricing, related products and even the links to retail partner websites are managed directly within Salesforce. Website’s server syncs itself once daily to update the frontend. This ensures constant site updation without any manual intervention.
  • Map based Product Locator – Users can locate & browse products based on their geographical location using an interactive map based locator. The map opens with a world view with products count on different continents that change with zooming into upto country and state level. A click on the count for desired location, brings all products related to that particular location. Clicking on the product, user can reach to the details page. The entire application is linked with Magento database and uses on-the-fly reverse geocoding for products, ensuring that new products are added automatically to the product locator without any additional programming

  • Retailer Locator – A Google map application to find a retailer location in near a Zip Code or City. The data displayed on the map is linked with Magento database where admin can update retailer details and they update on the front end map solution.
  • Links to third party retail partners – As a publisher, Waterford Press is not selling products directly to end-customers. “Buy Now” links to respective page on their reseller partners’ website like Amazon, Acorn Naturalists etc. These links are controlled by their Salesforce and if any link is updated in Salesforce, Buy Now button on the live site changes automatically. The shopping cart feature has been customized to enable this feature.

The site was a migration from an existing Joomla based custom eCommerce solution. The migration process ensured that all past links were preserved and redirected to their respective location on the new website. The site has responded well on search engines and has seen an organic growth in traffic and crawling & reindexing by major search engines. The sitemap is also dynamically updated & generated from within Magento, taking care of SEO best practices.