Trusted Partnerships: NextByte’s Solutions and New Shopify Integrations

Since 2012, NextByte Technologies Pvt Ltd has been working closely with publishers, distributors, and retailers in the map industry. We provide tailored solutions for each business type. Our association with the International Map Industry Association ( has brought mutual benefits. Through our work with various members, we’ve become a trusted technology partner by offering innovative solutions and effective web development and maintenance services. This collaboration has also enriched our expertise in serving the diverse needs of the map industry.

New Shopify Integration Announcement: NextByte is pleased to announce that we are now integrating Shopify stores into our technology platforms. Building on our experience with Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce, this expansion allows us to offer a broader range of solutions. Our Shopify integrations include custom and print-on-demand (POD) maps, backend ERP integrations, and custom applications. This new capability helps us better serve our clients and support their growth in the digital marketplace.

Our Journey: From Migrations to Maintenance & Beyond

  1. Migration to Modern Platforms: Initially, we focused on upgrading websites to newer technologies, making them more user-friendly, secure, and mobile-friendly. This ensured our clients could provide a better user experience and meet modern security standards.
  2. Custom Integrations: We then moved towards integrating custom requirements, including print-on-demand solutions. This allowed businesses to offer personalized products, expanding their market reach.
  3. ERP System Integrations: As our clients’ needs evolved, we integrated their websites with established ERP systems. This ensured seamless data flow and enhanced operational efficiency.
  4. B2B Capabilities for Online Stores: We developed robust B2B functionalities for online stores, including backend dashboards, custom pricing, inventory updates, and order management. These features help clients manage their B2B interactions and streamline operations.
  5. Ongoing Website Maintenance: We provide regular support and maintenance, keeping websites updated with the latest technology and security measures. Our ongoing support ensures that our clients can focus on their core business while we manage their technological needs.

Today, we offer a combination of these solutions based on our clients’ specific needs. Whether it’s a comprehensive project or focused integrations, we support every aspect of our clients’ digital requirements. Our practical approach ensures we meet evolving needs and continuously enhance our services.

A Testament to Our Reliability

  • Continuous Support and Technological Advancement: Our dedicated team maintains websites and supports customers across different countries and time zones, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. We constantly explore new technology solutions for integrating new product types and enhancing customizations, keeping our clients at the cutting edge of the digital marketplace.
  • Long-Term Client Relationships: Our relationships with clients are built on continual support, growth, and expertise. We work with most clients on an ongoing basis, proving our reliability as a technology partner. Our goal is to allow clients to focus on their core business while we manage their technological needs.

We are excited to share our latest addition of Shopify store integrations, complementing our existing platforms. These new capabilities, alongside our ongoing services, highlight our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of the map industry. To learn more about how we can support your business, visit us at NextByte.