Upgrading National Geographic Maps website with Magento

New Website Launch

We recently finished and launched an upgraded version the National Geographic Maps’ marketing website NatGeoMaps.com to a feature-rich and mobile-friendly platform. The revamped website extends their existing design with new functionalities such as an improved graphical user interfaces, enhanced categorization and search, with improved product imagery that provides up-to-date information and inspires consumers to make a purchase. The site continues to offer deep product information on all of the maps and drive customers to the National Geographic online store by directly linking to the map pages

Magento & Salesforce integration

The redesigned website has been developed on Magento’s eCommerce platform and is connected with the NatGeoMaps.com backend product database in Salesforce. This ensures that the most up-to-date product information is always surfaced to customers. Users can browse the entire range of maps from product lines such as the Trails Illustrated outdoor recreation maps, National Geographic’s signature wall maps and many others. Various filtering options help users select maps from most popular to new releases in all of the product categories.

“National Geographic maps have inspired people to explore the world around them for more than 100 years” said Dan Ortiz, National Geographic Maps vice president and general manager. “The new user-friendly marketing website will allow our wholesale and end-user customers to more efficiently search and browse our wide variety of map products.”

“National Geographic magazines and maps have been my personal favorites since childhood. It is such a great opportunity to be working on this project. Exceptional support by the National Geographic Maps team in Evergreen, Colorado, ensured that this complex project was finished within a few months.” said Mani Singh, CEO, NextByte Technologies.

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